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Social Security Made Simple: Your Guide to Stress-Free Claiming

Learn how to maximize your benefits and plan for a secure future.

claiming social security

Will Social Security be around when I’m ready to retire?

How much Social Security will I get?

How do I apply for Social Security?

Social Security is one of the most widely misunderstood parts of retirement planning. If I had a dollar for every rumor or misunderstanding I’ve heard about Social Security, I could plug the hole in the Social Security trust fund.

Speaking of that, I want to address the elephant in the room. Social Security isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. If you’re retiring in the next ten years, I wouldn’t worry. Even beyond that, any changes will likely be gradual and phased in over time.

For this week’s deep dive, I’m breaking down Social Security and showing you how to get the most from your Social Security benefits.

  • How benefits are calculated

  • When and how to apply for your benefits

  • How to find and understand your Social Security benefits

  • Why you shouldn’t wait to begin payments

  • Special strategies for widows and divorcees

You’ll notice a bit different layout this week. Rather than pack a 3,000 word breakdown of claiming Social Security into one email, I’m just adding a link to read the rest.

This is just a way to keep my emails more readable, with less wall of words. If you prefer that I keep the deep dive in the body of the email, let me know. Reply back to this or take the poll at the bottom of the page and leave a comment.


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