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Welcome to Our Financial Planning Podcast

Episode 1: Jeb Jarrell is a Certified Financial Planner who’s launching his Plentiful Wealth podcast. On today’s episode, we’ll learn about Jeb’s background and his approach to helping you to Maximize Your Return on Life. Let’s join the conversation.

Jeb was born in eastern Kentucky and maintains an office in Ashland. He splits time between the Louisville-area and Ashland. He’s a veteran of the United States Army. Jeb earned an economics degree from the University of Kentucky. During that time, he began an internship in financial planning in Lexington.

Jeb completed his Certified Financial Planner certification and then when on to earn a Master’s in advanced financial planning from Golden Gate University in the San Francisco area. The program offered a tax-concentration, which appealed to Jeb and his interests.

Financial planning often involves elements of tax planning. His comprehensive approach enables him to work seamlessly with his clients and their tax professionals.

As a self-professed “nerd who likes people,” Jeb was drawn to areas involving math and analysis (with an emphasis on Excel spreadsheets). He saw financial planning as a way to bridge the quantitative side and his desire to impact people’s lives.

Jeb works with a wide range of people, from young professionals to retirees who what to figure out their next steps.

Maximize Your Return on Life

An interesting approach focuses on Jeb’s perspective that money is just a tool. Many of his competitors focus almost entirely on the money. Jeb helps clients to consider more than simply wealth-accumulation. He works hard to help them to plan for important milestones and other experiences, some planned and others completely unplanned. It’s core to his mantra that he’s here to help you to Maximize Your Return on Life (not just your return on your money).

Money can buy you Time, Freedom and Options. This is why Jeb tries to maximize for those things, not just the number in the bank account.

Charitable Giving

As the podcast evolves, we’ll spend time discussion the topic of charitable giving. There are many, many options to pursue giving, when it’s done intentionally. This starts with a plan, which Jeb can help a client develop and implement.

When Should You Have a Financial Advisor?

This is a very common question. It’s usually combined with the misconception that, “I don’t have enough money to have a financial advisor.” In Jeb’s terms, that’s just baloney. It’s never too soon to start.

Jeb spends a lot of time with young couples, usually with a couple of kids, who are thinking about their next big steps, such as purchasing a new house. This often takes planning. It’s exactly the type of situation Jeb helps people to think about and to begin pursuing.

Young couples also need to consider setting up Wills and trusts, insurance policies, 529 college plans and other investments. Maybe the couple has already accumulated some wealth, but isn’t really sure what they should do to grow and protect it. Again, those are topics Jeb can help you to develop a comprehensive plan for the future.

Avoid a Cookie-Cutter Approach to Financial Planning

Everyone’s situation, goals and dreams are different. A cookie-cutter approach often fails to take into account those unique factors. Having a relationship with a Certified Financial Advisor can be a significant advantage when it comes to addressing those situations and approaching them from a comprehensive perspective.

Did You Like What You Head Today?

As we wrap up today’s first episode, we’re excited to look down the road at the various topics we’ve already outlined for the Plentiful Wealth Podcast. We want to encourage you to subscribe, so you don’t miss upcoming episodes.

If you’d like more information about Jeb Jarrell and his firm, visit Jeb’s website at You can also follow him on Facebook.

Thanks for listening!


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